Free Teleseminar

Mistakes are made at B to C Shows that could cost you money. If you exhibit at Consumer Expo's or Retail Shows, you will want to take your morning coffee break with Ruth and other exhibitors. Learn tips and strategies to increase your trade show return on investment. B to B (Business to Business) exhibitors execute many of these same costly errors at Trade Shows!

Grab a cup of coffee and a bagel or tea and a crumpet and take a half hour to start your day learning about improving your trade show bottom line. 10:00 -10:30 PDT or 7:00-7:30 EDT. Questions and Answers at the end.

The teleseminar is free (you only pay the price of a phone call). Tuesday April 14th. 10:00AM-10:30 PDT

For call information email Ruth: type "TELESEMINAR " in the subject line.

To sign-up for the Free Teleseminar:

Must sign-up by Monday April 13th Noon PDT.

Call instructions will be sent by email.

I look forward to being a part of your morning!

Quality Not Quantity

Exhibit managers are cutting back on the amount of trade shows they are exhibiting, buyers are sending less employees to each show, and they are going to fewer shows. This is not gloom and doom.

Believe it or not this is good news…

Exhibitors are re-evaluating the shows they have exhibited in the past. By looking at expenses and time away from the office, they choose the most productive shows to spend their money. Trade show ROI is finally being assessed.

When scrutinizing the show and expenses you also looking at show attendance. What do you see? In many cases the trade show attendance is down. Before you panic, let’s take a magnifying glass to the attendance quality.

With smaller travel budgets and less employees at the office, the companies who are visiting the shows are sending their team for one purpose--to get an education on the best products to BUY!

Be sure your staff is:

Well learned on how to qualify more potential buyers per show than ever before.

Understands your products and services

Knows how to go the extra mile to make a sale and a loyal customer

Are aware that chances are they will receive a greater percentage of sales from these leads if they know what to do after the show

Re-thinking your trade show participation will bring a stronger Return on Investment from each show you attend and a stronger sales team.

Be sure you are on the short list of suppliers your prospects need to see.