Booth Staff Training Increases Your ROI

Trade show staff spends hours and days standing in a booth, sometimes wishing they were somewhere else. It is easy for them to fall into bad habits; talking or texting on their cell phone, eating in the booth, rattling the change in their pockets, or pacing the edge of the booth like an armed guard keeping people out.

Show your staff how important it is to represent your company. Guide them in the best ways to avoid boredom. Motivate them with goals not only for themselves but for the whole team. If they have heard it all before from you, maybe it is time to bring in an expert to inform, encourage and get them to think differently. Booth staff training has been around for a long time, yet it seems only the big companies are taking advantage of it. Why would large companies that everyone recognizes bother to spend the time and money to gather reps from all over to attend training sessions? Because it is that important!

Don’t spend money on another show without investing in your booth team. It is their job to make your company money. Provide them with the tools to increase your return on investment.
Be sure they are experts in:
Qualifying their potential customers
Following up on qualified leads

If you have questions about bringing your booth and sales support staff up to your standards, contact me immediately. My schedule fills up quickly and I need advance notice to fit you in.