Get in Front of Your Contacts, Not in Their Face

TOTT Post Trade Show Tip:

1. Stay in contact with those who need your services now or later

2. The more often your customers and potential customers hear from you the more likely they are to buy from you

3. Repetition allows you to become familiar to your prospects

4. Familiarity builds comfort, comfort brings trust

5. Be a welcome guest not annoying pest - touch your contacts in a variety of ways (phone calls, direct mail, email etc.)

How many times a year do you contact your potential customers and how?

Show Organizers offer advice to exhibitors

Show Organizers-

If you could offer advice to first time exhibitors exhibiting at your show--what would it be?

Your opinion and feedback is important to exhibitors and their staff. My team is creating training materials from the viewpoint of the show management. What is it that you would like exhibitors to know that would better their opportunities to get a higher return on investment at your show?

Can you offer marketing tips?, sponsorship thoughts?, other expertise?