Marketing and Memorabilia

I recently attended a summer camp reunion and will admit that during the event I wasn’t thinking about marketing. As I was considering what to write, however, I realized how much marketing was being done and what we can take away from this reunion. To read the complete article about the reunion visit  or Of The Trade.

This is the marketing I noticed:

1. Target Your Audience: Only the campers and counselors who went to the old camp were invited.

2. Name badges: You may have figured out where I was going when I was discussing the name tags. At your business or at a show, it is important that your name tag is visible – no awkward moments with people trying to get to close to read your name or vice-versa. You don’t want to be staring at places you shouldn’t be just to read a person’s name.

3. Re purposing the camp director’s speech to be used for perspective campers. It will also be placed on a special You Tube video site specifically for the Old Camp Alumni.

4. The Legacy Program announced to encourage us (most of us already support the camp) to give money to the camp in our will. The camp will receive funds after the person has died.

5. Social Media will continue to spread the word of this event and will close the gap on the friendships we may have lost. A You tube page has been set up and my guess is that a Facebook page is just around the corner. Great networking opportunities as well.

EXHIBITOR magazine - Article: Research: Trade Show Trends, April 2011

Trade Show Trends Last year, exhibitors coped with decreasing show attendance by telling themselves the percentage of qualified buyers walking the aisles was up. Check out the results of Exhibit Surveys Inc.'s Trade Show Trends report to see if that hopeful assumption was correct.
EXHIBITOR magazine - Article: Research: Trade Show Trends, April 2011

Do you trust Reviews?

When I was looking for a place to buy tires, and friend recommended that I check out to see what people had to say about the local tire stores in the area. The reviews were rated well so I gave them a try.
Do you believe the reviews you read on Amazon, Yelp and other sites? Do you believe written or video testimonials from businesses? How much to they weigh in your decision making?