5 Steps for a Busier Booth

With over 90,000 attendees at the NAMM show you would think all booths would be busy. I am sure that is what everyone thought. If you think your next show will be busy do you cut back on your marketing? Do you spend less time with your booth staff discussing objectives and goals?

Busy, as well as less frequented shows call for serious measures. If most booths at the show are busy and prospects are walking the aisles your booth should be busy as well.
  1. Evaluate your show goals and objectives
  2. Get input and buy-in from your booth representatives
  3. Practice good boothmanship
  4. Be sure your booth reflects the culture of the show
  5. Invite prospects and customers to your booth with pre-show marketing  
 Get out of your booth and walk the show. see how your booth and booth staff compare with others, including your competitors.  All sizes of booths can benefit from this advice.

More Attendees and More Exhibitors at NAMM

NAMM.org reports:
Carlsbad, CA, January 17, 2011—The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) today announced the final registration and exhibitor numbers for the 2011 NAMM Show, the largest and longest-running musical instruments and products trade show in the United States.
At show close, NAMM reported 90,114 registered attendees, a three percent increase from last year and representing a new attendance record for the 109-year-old show. International registration also experienced a two percent increase from last year to 10,400. Another sign of economic recovery in the industry, the association reported 1,417 exhibitors at this year’s show, including 247 new exhibitors.

I would love to ask the exhibitors what it was like to exhibit at a show that had an increase in attendance over last year. Did they market to capture the new attendees walking the show?  Did they change their booth to reflect new products or services? An extra 247 exhibitors exhibited for the first time at the NAMM show in 2011. With more competition, did the exhibitors step up their game and focus on prospects and customers?

You won’t believe what I saw….

All of this week I will be posting NAMM reports- check back.
Can prospects recognize the subject of your booth demo within the first few seconds of introduction? If not, then you have lost the buyer