"Stack the Deck" of Trade Show Attendees in Your Favor

Ruth Failer, CTSM
I was a juror at a downtown courthouse recently, and had time to think about how that process compares to the business world. I wondered what would happen if the attorneys could call past clients, friends and relatives to be jurors for their cases. Of course in the justice system that’s jury tampering, a major felony. In business, however, relying on your past clients and your connections is not only legal but practically a requirement if you want to stay in business.

The trade show organizer casts a big net when they invite past attendees and people on lists from many industries to the show. You want to “stack the deck” of trade show attendees in your favor, so that the hand you are dealt works for you. Why leave it up to chance that many of the people walking the show will want to know more about your products and services than your competitors’?

Create a pre-show marketing campaign to bring potential buyers to your booth. Be creative and give the recipient a reason to visit you, not just the show.

Tips for a pre-show marketing campaign:

  • Save time by asking the show organizer for promotional materials
  • Have an offer on your invitation
  • Give away quality swag in your booth
It’s a lot more fun to have a busy booth filled with people who are interested in your products and services than to be standing in the aisles waiting for someone to catch your eye as they look up at your booth name. A pre-show marketing plan will help to establish a relationship with your prospects. It will increase your return on trade show investment by bringing customers to your booth. Your cost per lead will drop, those responding to your follow up will increase, and you will have a busy productive booth. 

If you would like more ideas and a structured plan for Pre-show marketing, schedule an interactive Pre-Show Marketing workshop with Tips of the Trade. Other engaging workshops are: Qualifying Customers, Fool-proof Follow-up Plan, and Booth Sales Skills. Customized topics or combinations of topics are also available.

Tips to: Follow-up without Checking-in

Don’t call to just “check-in” with contacts Personalize your phone call with information useful to that customer
  • Ask for their expertise in solving a problem that can help others
  • Learn their “pain points” and offer solutions
  • If you reach voice mail, leave more than your name and number – give them a solid reason to call you back
  • Ask your prospective customer when you call – do you have a moment to talk?
  • If the potential customer shows no interest, thank them and move on
  • Put your contact’s needs first when interrupting their day with your call
  To schedule an engaging workshop with more helpful information on getting a response from your follow-up, email: ruth@BestTipsOfTheTrade.com