Trade Shows are Scary

What would you do if you exhibited at a two day trade show and at the end of the first day the show organizer said "pack it up and go home we can't afford to pay the show maintenance staff"?

Would you ever exhibit at any future event the show organizer produced?

How does one keep from that happening again?

An article I thought you might enjoy as much as I did.

Charge What You're Worth
By Jim Palmer
We’ve all heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” Well, I’m here to tell you if you’re not charging what you’re worth, chances are you’re working much harder than you need to be.

We all have God-given talents, but to be a truly successful entrepreneur, it’s important to know what that knowledge is worth. It’s equally important to not let your talents or skills become commonplace, or second nature, over time. This leads to under cutting the value of the service you provide. One thing to always remember – your customer doesn’t know what you know. Your knowledge and expertise are worth something beyond the amount of time it takes you to complete a task. If you find yourself struggling with prices and worrying that you are charging too much, get over it. You are not your customer. Provide incredible value and charge what you want to charge. Charge what you’re worth.

Your knowledge and your skills have real value. Whatever it is you do, do it well, and provide incredible service. Then be certain you are charging what you’re worth. Your expertise and skill are not as commonplace as you may think, especially if you market them correctly.

The key to substantially boosting your profits is to always provide incredible value and world-class customer service, and then charge what your products or services are worth to your customers and clients, and grow your business and your bank account.

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If I Say It One More Time

Off to the show again—your tenth show this year promoting your newest product. It’s the same product you’ve been talking about every hour of every show for the last few months. After a while you may feel like a robot, repeating the same words with the same tone of voice, over and over. Teachers, trainers and actors have this problem too. How do you make what you have to repeat consistently interesting and engaging?

I will be speaking at EXHIBITOR2012 in March to CTSM candidates, event planners and exhibitors on the topic of Selling without Spewing, a topic I have spoken and written on before. As a first-timer at this conference I was required to attend a speaker’s workshop. 
Our instructor Dan Lumpkin said something that will stick in my mind. When he walks out in front of his audience he tells himself that he is presenting a wonderful gift that he knows they will enjoy. His presentations reflect his positive attitude. He has such a following that some people will take any class he teaches just to be in the room with him. If you are going to EXHIBITOR, make one of your classes his.

Step 1: Think of yourself as handing the perfect present to your audience.

Step 2: Change the order of your presentation; talk about the benefits this particular person will find the most interesting first.

Step 3: Meet and connect with your prospect and find out why they are interested in your product.  Be sure you understand what their company does and how your product will benefit them.

Step 4: Ask questions and answer your prospect’s questions while discussing your product.

Step 5:  Positive thoughts will improve your outlook and your presentations will appear fresh. Use affirmations to reinforce the attitude you want to project.

5 Affirmations to Help with Your Sales Presentations

  1. Prospects and customers are interested in what I have to say.
  2. I am at my best at this trade show.
  3. My products bring success and fulfillment to those who buy them.
  4. Customers love our products and refer others to my business.
  5. Prospects want the products I have to offer.