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Does Follow-up Sound Like You are Reading a Script?

7 Tips for Following-up with Prospects on the phone

1. Sit up straight or stand up; don’t slouch
2. Vary your tone
3. Stay away from filler words (like, um, so a, er)
4. Avoid talking too fast or too slow
5. Articulate your words
6. Speak with expression in your voice

And most importantly…
7. Include pauses to allow your prospect to speak

In the Bathroom or the Booth - the Rules are the Same

Be professional at all times. When attendees see exhibit staff, they see your company. So whether you're talking to co-workers in the restroom, participating in an industry panel, or simply riding the elevator, every word and action represents your company. The minute you board a plane bound for the show, it's show time!
Before, During, and After Show and Tips: 

1. Don’t Gossip. There is a good chance in a local trade show everyone knows each other. Be above it all or it may cost you a client.

2. Maintain a moral standing with potential clients and booth staff.

3. Be a company team player in the booth.
4. Avoid making snippy comments, and dropping pseudo-truths about competitors. Just because you are denigrating others, does not mean it will raise your own stake and prompt others to choose you over your competitors.
5. Your temper must be at bay constantly. If you know you are quick to flare up, do some exercises that you know can help keep your anger away

Know What You are Getting Into: Creating a Content List

Many times one person or group packs for the show, while another person or group is on-site.  If this is your situation, then prepare a content list for each crate/case and be sure to number each box.

Remember your emergency show kit; from Band-Aids to box-cutters, tape and glue, for any kind of emergency (exhibit malfunction, blisters, hunger). Refill when you get back from the expo. I recommend a small first aid kit is packed with the staff.

Place one packing list copy in the show folder and give it to those on-site, and tuck another copy just inside the crate/case. This helps if the on-site staff is searching for one particular item.

Outsmart thieves. Be sure you boxes do not have any identify marks labeling universal valuable items such as electronic equipment.


Tips for Traveling to the Show:

  • Pack hanging clothing in dry cleaner plastic bags. When you get to your room, lift off the bags and hang your clothing immediately to loosen any wrinkles
  • Try dry cleaner bags when folding clothing. Allow a little air to enter the bags
  • Tissue paper between the creases when folding clothing may eliminate wrinkles
  • Hang clothing in the bathroom and use the shower to steam out the wrinkles

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