Sell: Pause, Change it Up, Repeat

The other day, X Dental Company left me a voicemail to remind Kathryn of a dental appointment the following day. Since I do not know a Kathryn and I am not a patient of X Dental Company, I wondered if they had made a mistake with a patient. I called their office and the receptionist said, “We will remove your number from our records. Thank you for calling X Dental Company, we appreciate your business.”

Was she listening? 
Was she really talking to me?
Have we ever done this?

Situations like this happen all too frequently at trade shows and other selling venues. A seller begins spewing the moment a potential customer enters their booth. Sellers get into the routine of saying the same thing to every person, and by the end of day three, they sound like a robot.

Tip: 5 Ways to Customize Your “Pitch”
 Start with an important question

  • Respond directly to their answer
  • Mirror their speaking pattern
  • Mention some of the same words they used
  • Disengage by referring back to the conversation

Be sure that your potential customer knows that you are interested in them when they speak to you. The selling begins when a connection is made.
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