Exhibiting . . . Successful Trade Show Opening Lines

My favorite Trade show opening line is: "What brings you to the show today?"

I find that it isn't intimidating to the attendee, and it gives you a chance to qualify the prospect. Their answer should lead you to more questions.

What openers have you found successful at your shows?


Dave Brull said...

I have always been a fan of a keeping a big smile on your face and saying hello and how are you before launching into anything else.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with you, Ruth. I use that same line. I also ask if they're attending the conference portion of the event if there is one and what they're hoping to learn.


Anonymous said...

Ruth, I love your open-ended question and agree about it being a soft selling approach. It's the right question because it sorts out the spouses and guests from the serious prospects. It also identifies if they might be a prospect now.

I do my best to make eye contact when I greet people, as Dave said,with a smile on my face. I also like to have something for a raffle so I can invite them to register. Usually I do that before asking your question as it gets them to stop long enough to chat for a moment.