Work - brings rewards

I sent in my portfolio this week and anxiously await the approval of my evaluators. Do you know what it takes to have CTSM after your name?

In order to receive the CTSM designation, a person is required to attend 28 classes on trade show and event marketing. It can take years to complete all of the courses. After all classes are completed, you take an inclusive exam at the EXHIBITOR Conference. Not until CTSM exam is passed are you permitted to begin the CTSM Portfolio. The portfolio is a 25-45 page paper touting your experience and what you have learned from the courses. Three people review the portfolio and give it a thumbs-up or down.

Upon passing both stages of the CTSM (Certified Trade Show Marketer) designation, you can be recognized at the EXHIBITOR Conference in March.

The CTSM designation (Certified Trade Show Marketer) is awarded by EXHIBITOR in affiliation with Northern Illinois University Outreach and reflects adherence to the highest standards of trade show and event marketing. Less than 1% of all trade show and event marketers have attained this distinction.

I spent serious time and energy putting this portfolio together and want to thank all those who offered support. I look forward to adding CTSM after my name.

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