Know What You are Getting Into: Creating a Content List

Many times one person or group packs for the show, while another person or group is on-site.  If this is your situation, then prepare a content list for each crate/case and be sure to number each box.

Remember your emergency show kit; from Band-Aids to box-cutters, tape and glue, for any kind of emergency (exhibit malfunction, blisters, hunger). Refill when you get back from the expo. I recommend a small first aid kit is packed with the staff.

Place one packing list copy in the show folder and give it to those on-site, and tuck another copy just inside the crate/case. This helps if the on-site staff is searching for one particular item.

Outsmart thieves. Be sure you boxes do not have any identify marks labeling universal valuable items such as electronic equipment.

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