Sore Feet Can Ruin Your Whole Day!

I remember too well the time my office receptionist broke Tip #1 (Wear Comfortable Shoes), and it was not a pretty sight. It was the first time “Mary Jane” was helping out in a trade show booth. I instructed her that she needed to wear comfy shoes and she looked at me like I’d just lost my mind. She showed up looking fabulous, wearing a skirted suit and modest blouse, her makeup was just right, and she had on her feet a pair of very stylish, very high-heeled pumps. At that point, all I could do was hope for the best.

At first, everything went fine. Mary Jane was doing a fantastic job -- she was friendly and polite and really comfortable helping people who stopped by our booth. An hour goes by, no problem – I’m busy, she’s busy, and I’m thinking everything’s great. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see Mary Jane leaning against the side of the booth, looking like a worn-out dish rag, which, frankly, wasn’t exactly the look we were going for. Both Mary Jane and
I learned a lesson that day – next time she helped at a trade show, she wore low-heel pumps and next time I had a first-time helper, I did a much better job explaining the “why” of the rules I was laying down.

With Tips of the Trade preparing your staff for your next trade show, you can be sure each member of your team will put their best foot forward – and that it’ll be wearing comfortable shoes.

Ladies, it is always a good idea to bring a second pair of shoes to change into mid-day. Suggested heel height is one half inch to one and a half inches. A change of heel height can give you a new burst of energy. This is true for men as well. Although your heels don’t vary as much as women’s do, a shoe change and insoles can make your days feel better.

The best companion to low heels is ….. Support hose
Support hose has changed…… If cocktail waitresses in Las Vegas can wear them you can too! The tip is to wear a color closest to your skin tone. You would not believe the difference you will feel on a day with support hose versus a day without.