Do You Know Something About Trade Shows?

Ruth Failer, author-to-be

I am taking on a challenge to write a book that will help exhibitors have successful events. If you attend trade shows as a buyer and would love to give exhibitors and booth staff ideas to make your job as a buyer easier, then tell us what you would suggest for them. What entices you to walk into one possible supplier booth and not another like-company?  Why do you hate to walk the show? Why do you love trade shows?

If you are an exhibitor, whether a highly experienced one, or a newbie, please get back to me with your feedback too. I am sure you have something that you always remember to do or take with you because if you didn’t, it would be costly or time consuming. Do you have a trade show story that impresses upon the need to be prepared that you think would help others? Do you have a special shortcut, form or list that makes it easier?

I currently have about 300 tips and would like to have another one hundred; some of you have seen the tips (and even commented on them) in previous newsletters and in articles throughout the industry. If you provide me with a tip, story, or shortcut that I don’t already have and I use it in the book I will send you a free autographed copy of my published book! Make your comment here, or send it to me personally.  Be sure to include your name and contact information. 
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