How Do You Get the Best Return on Investment with Giveaways?

In the Tips of the Trade eNewsletter article “Top 10 Ways to Choose Your Swag,” we discussed the importance of understanding your trade show, your potential clients, and your business values when choosing the best event giveaways.  Now that you have boxes of promo items sitting on your warehouse floor, you need to have a plan to make money from them. 

The giveaways should not be a surprise to your team. Everyone needs to follow the same procedures when giving out promotional products. Some suggestions for receiving a positive return on your swag investment are:

1.    Promote your giveaway in your pre-show marketing.
2.    Be sure the giveaway is in exchange for prospect information. Don’t leave them on a table for just anyone to pick them up.
3.    Ship promotional items after the show.
4.    Offer one giveaway at the show and a coordinating giveaway in a pre- or post-show promotion.
5.     Always print your contact information on the premium.
6.    Have prospects return a pre-show postcard in exchange for the giveaway.
7.    Give the swag as an incentive to listening to a demo or presentation.
8.    Buy your premiums in quantity.

Consider bringing in a trade show strategist to consult with your marketing department on the best giveaways for your money. Does your team need a Promo Products Marketing Plan? 

Ruth will work with your managers, promotional product vendors or her product resources to make the best giveaway choices and ideal Promo Marketing Plan. If you are in need of creative promotional products, she can put you in touch with her resources.

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